Community-Labor Coalition to Say Sutter-CPMC Out of Compliance at First Hospital Development Agreement Hearing

Who/What: Joint Planning & Health Commission Meeting. Community and Labor Coalition members present on how Sutter-CPMC is not compliant with their Cathedral Hill Development Agreement.

When: 10am, Thursday December 4, 2014

Where: San Francisco City Hall, Room 400

San Franciscans for Healthcare, Housing, Jobs and Justice (SFH2J2), a coalition representing over 50 community and labor organizations continue to state that Sutter-CPMC is out of compliance on their Jobs, Healthcare, and Transit/Traffic commitments made in the City’s Development Agreement (DA) that went into effect in August of 2013 regarding the Cathedral Hill and St. Luke’s Hospital projects. 

On Thursday, December 4, the City will have its first joint hearing of the Planning and Health Commissions – as is required by the DA. After Sutter-CPMC issued its Compliance self-assessment in late May, SFH2J2 raised serious concerns about CPMC’s follow through on making their commitments around jobs, healthcare and addressing transit issues real. The City’s response, issued in August, was to find CPMC “in compliance” with each and everyone of its obligations, despite CPMC’s not meeting even a third of its goal to hire 40% local residents (only six were hired in the first full year of the agreement), having no mechanism or plan to provide healthcare to 1,500 new Tenderloin residents, and refusing to provide employees a 50% transit subsidy match to encourage public transit use.

“When CPMC doesn’t do its part by holding its end of the agreement, not only does it impact the community, but it also has a ripple effect on the City budget when people can’t get jobs or access to promised healthcare.” Said Gordon Mar, director of Jobs with Justice. “It is incumbent upon the City, in this case the Planning and Health Commissions and their leadership, to hold Sutter-CPMC’s feet to the fire and ensure they come through for the community that they serve.”


SFH2J2 Finds Sutter CPMC Out of Compliance on the following:

DA Requirement

Sutter CPMC Action during Year 1


Hire 40% for entry level operations positions on all four campuses. Hires will target economically disadvantages San Franciscans from 6 target neighborhoods.

·       Zero job referrals from Sutter-CPMC to the City during the first 4 months of the agreement.

·       Of 114 projected openings, only SIX City-referred applicants were hired, 5 from the targeted communities.


CPMC shall split the cost of a fast pass Clipper Card to encourage use of public transit and reduce traffic and parking congestion at all hospital locations.

·       This match is still not avaialbe to Sutter-CPMC staff, even after multiple requests and a February 2014 hearing where Supervisors on the Land Use Committee insisted this happen and time lost should be made up on the back end of the 10 year commitment.


Provide Hospital and Specialty Care to the 1500 new Tenderloin Medi-Cal patients (lives)

·       No plan exists to serve these patients.

·       A consultant found the Management Service Organization (MSO) bringing together different clinics and neighborhood service providers to be infeasible.

CPMC must deliver Culturally & Linguistically Appropriate Services yet

·       In March 2014 St. Luke’s laid off Diabetes Center Bicultural and bilingual staff serving a monolingual Spanish speaking patients, largely who are pregnant and experiencing gestational diabetes. 

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