Co-founder, Reporter
Dyan has a Masters degree in Journalism from Ryerson University in Toronto, which awarded her for her outstanding commitment to community involvement and Documentary of the Year. She has freelanced for US-based independent media and mainstream media in Canada, such as the Globe & Mail and CBC. She regularly reports for an ethnic press publication in Toronto, The Philippine Reporter, and has contributed to the largest daily newspaper in the Philippines, The Philippine Daily Inquirer.
Co-founder, Videographer, Photographer
Joseph has international experience as a photojournalist and videographer, editor of a community newspaper in San Francisco and as a Program and Executive Director for the non-profit organization Bernal Heights Neighborhood Center (BHNC). Joseph is based out of San Francisco, CA and has worked in nonprofits in the city and Bay Area since 1993. Joseph has been a Legislative Aide to two of the members of San Francisco’s Board of Supervisors and is a professional member of the National Press Photographers Association (NPPA).
I am a Journalism student at Skyline College writing for The Skyline View Newspaper. I grew up in the Mission District of San Francisco. My parents are from Peru, and migrated first to New York. My experience includes work with Conscious Youth Media Crew, interning as a film producer and editor of Reel Hood Heroes, and I completed a film remixing and coding class at Bay Area Video Coalition. Growing up in the Mission I became a part of many community based organizations and learned about community justice. My first job was at the Excelsior Teen Center where I led a peace march with my friend and held workshops about race and violence in our community for the youth. My passion for writing began in elementary school, so it was only natural that I would have an open mic night at the Teen Center where I worked. My journalistic writing began at Skyline College and continues with [people. power. media] this summer. I will be exploring community based stories covering the Mission District and San Francisco because this is my home, and someone has to write about the good, the bad, and the truth.
Christopher D. Cook is an author and award-winning journalist whose work has appeared in the Los Angeles Times, The Economist, The Nation, and Mother Jones. Christopher is the author of the acclaimed book, Diet for a Dead Planet: Big Business and the Coming Food Crisis, available in paperback. He has also written for Harper’s, The Christian Science Monitor, The American Prospect, The Progressive, Columbia Journalism Review and many others. His writing has been republished in numerous anthologies. He has also worked as a reporter forThe Oakland Tribune and United Press International and as city editor for The San Francisco Bay Guardian. He is a contributing writer for The Progressive. Reach him through
Jason Wyman is many things. Today, he is an artist, an organizer, a facilitator, writer, and a curator. His investigations are rooted in social practice and examine themes of belonging, home, myth, and dream. q Mr. Wyman founded 14 Black Poppies in 2011. 14 Black Poppies specializes in artist engagement, civic participation, and exhibition production using an intergenerational, interdisciplinary, and intercultural methodology. He is also an ensemble member of OutLook Theater Project, on the board of Independent Arts and Media, a co-project manager for the Bay Area Youth Media Network, on the advisory board of [people. power. media], and a member of the National Youth Media Network. Mr. Wyman lives in San Francisco with his beautiful husband and pride of cats.
Fran Taylor is Co-Chair of CC Puede.
Fernando Martí is co-director of the Council of Community Housing Organizations (CCHO), a coalition of 23 affordable housing and community economic development advocates in San Francisco, who work to build a Bay Area where all can afford to live, work, and thrive. Fernando is a licensed architect, writer and exhibiting artist. He was a founder of the SF Community Land Trust and UrbanIDEA, serves on the board of environmental justice organization PODER, and is a member of the JustSeeds Artists Cooperative. An immigrant from Ecuador, he has made his home and built community in San Francisco since 1992.
Tommi Avicolli Mecca is a longtime writer, singer/songwriter, activist, and editor of Smash the Church, Smash the State: the early years of gay liberation. His latest volume of poetry, defying you still, is available for free from iBooks. He is co-author, with Alison C. Wright, of a roof over my head, a musical about the SF housing crisis.
Simone is a freelance writer based in Oakland, CA where she almost always enjoys the weather and is almost always friendly with strangers. Her beat generally centers around youth justice and development, but she also plugs in to the vibrant literary culture of the Bay Area. She brainstorms about what contributes to conflict - both interpersonal and intrapersonal - and the ways in which we settle ourselves. Aside from freelancing and brainstorming, Simone works full-time in the Contra Costa County foster care system, and enjoys running around Lake Merritt.
P Segal is a writer and life coach in San Francisco. A native San Franciscan, she has long been part of the city’s arts community and a founding member of Burning Man. As she saw the city’s creative community increasingly living elsewhere, she started the nonprofit, Bohemia Redux, to establish artists’ residences in the city.
Stephen Barton was Director of the Housing Department and Deputy Director of the Rent Stabilization Program in Berkeley, California prior to his recent retirement. He is the author of numerous articles on housing policy and economics and is co-author of Common Interest Communities: Private Governments and the Public Interest. He is on the Board of the Bay Area Community Land Trust and is active in the East Bay Chapter of Democratic Socialists of America. He has a Ph.D. in City & Regional Planning from the University of California, Berkeley. (Photo by Judith Scherr)
Yi-Jen, born and raised in Taipei, has a BA degree in sociology from University of Oregon. She is a journalist, an activist, and an idealist. She was a bilingual Chinese and English reporter at the China Post for 2 years, covering local social welfare topics and political scene. As a journalist, she developed passion for social movement reporting, which motivated her to fly to Bangkok to cover the Red Shirts movement and to Hong kong for the marches occurring before the Occupy Central movement in 2014. Her articles featuring stories on unique community cultures and people in Taiwan were used by the Asian News Network. She worked as the communications officer for Greenpeace Taipei for a year prior to moving to San Francisco. She is on the mission to make a new dish each day in her apartment in the Mission District. 李伊仁。 李伊仁出生於台北,高中畢業後前往奧勒岡大學就讀社會學系畢業。她是記者、行動者、及理想主義者。她曾在The China Post擔任雙語記者長達2年的時間,負責報導社福與政治相關新聞。在擔任記者的期間,她開始積 極報導社會運動,因此她在2014年前往泰國報導紅衫軍的反政府示威,也在同年前往香港報導於佔領中環前的示威遊行。她的文章刻畫了台灣特有的文化與人物,因此也曾被亞洲新聞網選用。她在綠色和平擔任媒體主任一年後,選擇離開家鄉台北,搬到舊金山從新開始。目前她住在Mission District,每天的任務是要挑戰煮一道新菜餚。
Cynthia is a community organizer with the Housing Rights Committee, with the current responsibility of building people power in the Richmond District. Cynthia grew up in Richmond, California and went to school at Brown University to study Ethnic Studies and Community Health.
Producer, Videographer, and Photographer. Jennifer has a varied career in visual journalism as a photographer, photo editor, photo assignments editor, multimedia editor and videographer. She is past vice-president of Women Photojournalists of Washington (WPOW). She has for worked for the The White House Photo Office, St. Petersburg Times, USA Today, National Geographic Books, AOL News and K12, Inc. In 2008, she founded Jennifer Heffner Photography, based in the Washington DC and New York City area. She is a mom to four non-conformists kids ranging in age from 6 to 26. She has passion for writing, travel and the outdoors. You can contact her directly at