We don’t just report on people power efforts, we believe in people power. 

Our work includes participating in the community-based, grassroots efforts that we report on. In order to truly understand what is happening in marginalized communities and their efforts to impact public policy, we attend organizing meetings and other planning events.

The research and broad overview we gather through our journalism, as well as our technical expertise in land use and media, are all valuable to communities. Therefore, we sometimes get involved in efforts beyond the role of traditional journalists. At organizing meetings, for example, we provide advice on the public input process and on a mainstream media strategy. We also participate in discussion forums and community gatherings to speak about our work and research.

Ways that we participate:

Co-founders Dyan Ruiz and Joseph Smooke are on the steering committee of Urban Idea.

Dyan is on the steering committee of the Plaza 16 Coalition.

Joseph is the President of the advisory board of the South of Market Community Action Network (SOMCAN).